Nano Profile

Bring your Nano account to life

We are much more than public keys!
Nano Profile is a new decentralized protocol to allow every user on the Nano network to have a profile picture! That way, when you add a friend's wallet, you automatically get his profile picture!

This provides an excellent user experience for nano wallets!

And all of this in a safe and decentralized mechanism. Using a hybrid model, with the image registers saved onchain on the Nano and the image content saved offchain on the P2P network IPFS.

Test and starting using Now!

How it Works

Client Demo

Register your Nano Profile picture

Max File Size: 0
Acccepted Formats: PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF

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Code / API

Replicator Node


With this API you will be able to obtain the images of registered Nano accounts without any middleman.

Using your IPFS node, you keep images online on the network for other users.

You control how much storage you want to use.

It is necessary:

  • Python3
  • Node Nano >= v.19.0
  • IPFS node

Client API


Gets image of Nano accounts in your browser. Support for:

  • Browsers
  • NodeJS

It is necessary:

  • Node Nano >= v.19.0
  • IPFS Gateway

If you prefer not install an IPFS node, Public gateways can be used, like:


Our Central API

Rest API

Gets accounts images with our central Nano Profile Server API

There is no need to install anything

Example Request:

curl -s --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST --data '{"account": "nano_35g1u9tcf93khx1hjdsdgo1i6eu4bty6fsc8zifo7yfn368i9nweg3zfbz5p"}'


{"successful":true, "account":"nano_35g1u9tcf93khx1hjdsdgo1i6eu4bty6fsc8zifo7yfn368i9nweg3zfbz5p", "blockRegister":"709BE02EA0C4111B985A51FAA4F4D4D758AFCA6F8F0FF2972EAAC8CF6F420DB3", "imageHash":"QmaBvRuuYgX5nsJfKvLuJo3eDDTJUhuiUCwE7kT5gsbCgY", "imageLink":"", "imageSize":57589, "localTimestamp":"1589995691"}